Caleb Jones

Big Data Architect

I am an experienced, big data architect with expertise in web services, NoSQL, Hadoop, data science, graph/network analysis, and modern cloud data services.


The Walt Disney Company

Enterprise Solutions Architecture - Sr. Staff Software Architect

Late 2015 - Current, Seattle WA
  • Architect and lead efforts across the company to greater personalize products and experiences in a data-driven way.
  • Collaborate with stakeholders from various business units to design data systems which can meet stakeholders' heterogeneous use cases and technology environments.
  • Work with technologies such as Hadoop, Hive, Kafka, Cassandra, Titan DB, MongoDB, and cloud platforms such as AWS and Google Cloud.
  • Present to senior and VP leadership to discuss results of data efforts.
  • Estimate program technology costs given current and anticipated technology use.

Enterprise Data Group - Software Engineer

Late 2013 - Late 2015, Seattle WA
  • Developed education curriculum with two other engineers to provide training for various NoSQL and Big Data backends including Mongo DB, Cassandra, Titan DB, and Elasticsearch.
  • Developed a tool to capture semantic information and team discussion about various Disney data assets.
  • Lead high-functioning agile team with development having a heavy emphasis on crisp delivery of the user stories created by the product owner and stake holders.
  • Created Twitter social network analysis proof of concept using Hadoop, TitanDB, Gephi Toolkit, and D3 visualizations.
  • Highlight and promote graph databases via presentations and training on technologies such as Titan DB, Tinkerpop, and Gephi for use cases such as social network analysis.

Data Management Platform - Software Engineer

Late 2011 - Late 2013, Seattle WA
  • Recipient of the Disney Technology Solutions & Services Gold Standard Award (June 2013).
  • Back-end Java developer building RESTful APIs in front of different types of NoSQL storage engines.
  • Integrated process into build system which auto-generates REST API documentation from source code improving API documentation quality and availability while reducing maintenance costs.
  • Maintain high-quality of RESTful services guided by best practices found in the Richardson Maturity Model.
  • Work closely with architect and clients to define and prioritize their use cases and iteratively develop APIs and architecture.
  • Created authorship collaboration network analysis and visualization for Marvel comic book series using Gephi.

Cisco Systems

Smart Home Business Unit - Web Services Engineer

2011 (8 months), Seattle WA
  • Back-end Java developer for Smart Energy group. Worked with agile team in 1 week sprints to rapidly develop web services demonstrating output weekly to partners and incorporating feedback.
  • Developed several REST web services supporting both XML and JSON to perform tasks such as remote thermostat and demand-response management. REST web services leveraged by both web and mobile applications.
  • Architected and built foundation for analytics engine to intelligently analyze data around energy usage.
  • Developed service-oriented architecture to integrate with 3rd party systems while maintaining loose coupling.
  • Created maven archetypes for generating fully functional REST web services supporting both XML and JSON message transformation. Archetypes built on Spring 3.0 technology.
  • Maintained high level of unit test coverage through test-driven development.

Video Technologies - Lead Web Services Engineer

2008 - 2011, Seattle WA
  • Lead, back-end Java developer for FocalPoint enterprise video solution. 1 year concept to production.
  • Coordinate efforts with offshore development team to ensure code quality by performing code reviews, team training, development standards documentation, and code refactoring to maintain quality standards.
  • Mentored web services intern. Introduced intern to team best practices and technology such as unit tests (JUnit), AOP, interface-driven design, Spring framework, etc. Intern was able to quickly become a key contributor to team.
  • Created general-purpose rules engine used to process logic for HTTP redirection service as well as XPath-based rules engeine API powering extensible software/firmware upgrade service.
  • Involved in integration of three web services teams (Cisco, Pure Digital, & Pure Networks). Worked to unify teams on technologies used and software development practices and standards followed.

Pure Networks

Web Services Engineer

2006 - 2008, Seattle WA

  • Acquired by Cisco Systems in mid 2008
  • Developed Customer Support Repository (CSR) which included database sharding to maximize performance and throughput.
  • Created XML API powering a customer support tool enabling support agents to visualize details about customer's networks, a troubleshooting suggestion engine, and a VoiceXML prototype providing automated network troubleshooting via phone.
    (patent information available upon request)
  • Worked on team which upgraded company website and built backend visitor tracking system.
  • Key contributor to ecommerce team which upgraded company store from Elasticpath 4 to Elasticpath 6.



  • Software Development
    • Test-driven Development
    • Agile Process
    • Richardson Maturity Model
    • Scrum
    • AOP
    • Dependency Injection
    • Interface-driven Design
  • Perforce, SVN, Mercurial, Git
  • Web Services
    • SOAP
    • REST
    • WSDL
    • XML
    • JSON
    • XSD
  • Apache (htppd)
  • Rally
  • Elasticpath (ecommerce suite)
  • Linux/GNU Variants
    • Ubuntu
    • Redhat
    • Gentoo
  • JIRA (admin)
  • Confluence (admin)
  • Mac OS X
  • Gephi


  • Spring Framework (2.0 - 3.0)
    • Spring MVC
    • Spring Web Services
    • Spring Annotations
    • Spring AOP
    • Spring Data
    • SpringSource Tool Suite
  • Hibernate
  • JDBC
  • JPA
  • JAXB
  • Dozer
  • Castor
  • JUnit (Junit4)
  • Tomcat
  • CXF
  • Velocity
  • JSP
  • Apache Commons
  • Maven
  • Eclipse

Data Technology

  • MongoDB
  • Hadoop
  • Hive
  • Cassandra
  • S3
  • Redshift
  • Neo4j
  • TitanDB
  • Elasticsearch
  • Solr
  • Spark
  • Kafka
  • MySQL
  • SQLite
  • Oracle
  • Google Pub/Sub


  • Ruby
    • Rails
    • RubyGems
  • PHP (4 & 5)
    • CakePHP
    • PEAR & PECL
  • Python
  • C
  • C++


Brigham Young University

Bachelors of Science in Computer Science

2002 - 2006, Provo UT

Emphasis in networking, artificial intelligence, and machine learning.

Public Speaking

Cassandra Summit 2016

Graphs at Disney

September 2016, San Jose CA

Presented on how recent technology is enabling graph technology today, general use cases for graphs, and how graphs can provide additional insight into data with insights on Titan and DataStax's Enterprise Graph.

Tableau Conference 2016

Spark and Tableau at Disney

September 2016, San Jose CA

Discussed how Spark and Tableau have been tactically incorporated into a heterogeneous, enterprise environment at Disney to improve time-to-insight.

Graph Connect 2016

Using Neo4j to Take Us to the Stars

October 2015, San Francisco CA

Demonstrated how to use astronomical data, Gephi, NAViGaTOR, and Neo4j to simulate how to navigate our local interstellar neighborhood.

Hadoop Summit 2015

Spark and Tableau at Disney

June 2015, San Jose CA

Discussed how Spark and Tableau have been tactically incorporated into a heterogeneous, enterprise environment at Disney to improve time-to-insight.

Hadoop Summit 2015

Reproducible Analytics and Test-Driven Data

June 2015, San Jose CA

Highlight the hidden and high costs of bad data as well and introduce a tool I built and used at Disney to bring best practices from test-driven development, continuous integration, and reproducible analytics together in the world of data and Hadoop.